The Foundation for more fun with technology

Diverse, digital training is in demand today more than ever. Established educational institutions, however, are massively lagging behind the digital revolution. The Gerda Stetter Foundation “Technology is fun!” has been working for more than ten years not only to develop innovative and contemporary educational approaches, but also to implement them. Several thousand children and young people take part in our numerous events and workshops every year. It is our matter of concern to convey the fun of modern technology.


Managing Board

Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stetter

“To be an entrepreneur also means assuming social responsibility. With our foundation, we want to push the technological education of children,pupils, and students in playful projects. For “childish” curiosity and practiced play instinct are the foundation of continuous renewal and innovation.”

Dipl.-Kffr. Sandra Stetter

“With our comprehensive modular education concept, we want to take countermeasures against the digital skills shortage and train technological new offspring. And that with fun, joy and enthusiasm on all levels, for that is the biggest motivation for sustainable learning. Furthermore, we really belive in Technology is fun”


Inspiring young people for technology and
shaping our future in a meaningful and sustainable manner!

Whether smartphones or games consoles – technology is now found in many everyday things that children and adolescents are confronted with at a very early age. In addition, the speed of technological change continues to increase. In the future, we need more specialists who research, develop and are familiar with future technologies.

Our expertise:

  • Create enthusiasm for technology as early as possbile
  • Modern digital training concepts
  • Cooperation with primary and secondary schools
  • Networking of schools, universities and companies
  • Implementation of international training activities
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