ITQ GmbH opened its doors to 16 young pupils on April 27, for the annual Girls’ Day 2023. The goal was to get the girls – between the age of 10 and 16 years – excited about the working world of Engineers. We asked the kids at the beginning of the day: “Is technology fun?”. About half of the girls answered quite hesitantly, “Yes, I think so.”

We started the day with a short presentation about ITQ and the girls gained first insights into the world of Software and Systems Engineering. After the “theory part” the girls took a tour around our ITQ office. During this tour, they learned about the cool Education 4.0 projects, such as the robot-controlled ice cream machine, the Fwip Ice Demonstrator, and the accurate dartboard, Mi5 Dartboard. After some ice cream, it was then a matter of grasping the technology with their own hands. With the help of LEGO Coaches, the girls got their first taste of programming the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 systems and steering the little robots over paint lines and barriers.

Towards the end, the girls agreed that “Technology is Fun” was definitely true on this Girls’ Day!

We are proud to have inspired the young girls for the engineering profession and look forward to more successful Girls’ Day events in the future.

Impressions – Girls’ Day 2023

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